chile-ed1Dr. Brooks enjoys educating young minds on the joys of being a veterinarian. Girl scouts and boy scouts alike have been provided tours through the clinic and Dr. Brooks loves to engage youngsters in conversation about animal care. In fact, she has summer internship opportunities for high school aged children who want to know more about veterinarian medicine and what being a veterinarian is all about. Dr. Brooks can adapt her presentations to any age child keeping in mind the attention span and intellect level of those involved. Offering hands on experience with a variety of animals, Dr. Brooks encourages young children to learn about the world around them and has helped many overcome a fear of animals that was inadvertently instilled upon them by others. Through demonstrations and photographs, Dr. Brooks engages an older group of children into the education required and deeper medical experiences that will be met as a veterinarian.

Dr. Brooks has also worked as a research field veterinarian and can discuss the joys and difficulties associated with such work. If you are interested in speaking with Dr. Brooks, please contact her through our Contact Page.

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