medivet-americaIn the past, stem cells have been a source of controversy or too difficult and expensive to obtain. Now that Affton Veterinary Clinic is using MediVet’s patented technology; that is no longer the case. Affton Veterinary Clinic has teamed with MediVet Midwest and is able to help your companion’s body heal itself.

What we now know, is that a potent source of multipotent stem cells lies in our fat. Adipose (fat) derived stem cells are multipotent regenerative cells capable of maturing into bone, cartilage, tendon or ligament cells. These cells home in on areas of inflammation then work on regenerating those areas. MediVet’s America’s patented technology uses three-step activation process to obtain large volumes of stem cells.

Step one involves the harvesting, digesting and processing of the fat. By making a small incision and removing 20 grams of fat, the surgery portion of the procedure is over. The fat is then placed in vials and through spinning and digesting, the cell pallet becomes visibly more concentrated allowing only the stem cells in the fat to be removed.

Step two is the processing and mixing of the Platelet Rich Plasma with the stem cells. Platelet Rich Plasma is made from the animal’s own blood. Through spinning, a concentrated layer of plasma that is rich in platelets appears. This plasma is then mixed with the stem cells.

Step three of the activation process takes the vile of stem cells mixed with Platelet Rich plasma and places them in a circular chamber that projects low-level laser lights onto the vial. This helps to activate the cells even further resulting in the highest cell counts available on the market today.

Once this process is complete the cells are injected in the affected joints and can also be given intravenously for added benefit..